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Barre Town Rec Area - Adjacent Barre Town School, 70 Websterville Road [map]

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Donna M Denis G nancy Bob Armando C Marlene P KarenR Jenny BethAnn Tim B Lois A John L
Donna R Doug F Rebecca M Denise Rachel P Theresa R David R
Rich D Tyler S Tino Raj Shawn D Jacinthe P David B Janey M Steve H Benjamin B Sandy Q Pat M Mike P Lori L Bryan W Joanne A Ellen D Elaine A William A Cynthia M Martine Paul H Paul H [2] Dan G Susan R Anne C Robin G Ira W Norbert F Sandy Vini S Bob G Edna M Linda C RoseMary M Gail L Patrick H Robin G [2] Frank O Diana B John c Cynthia S Helen Linda R Drex G Carolyn K terry h Lorie W Patrick G Michelle G Keith B Jim T Bill K Ron S Thumper Geordie H Donna H Chris M Doug A Dani K Laura T Charlene R michael o Kathy G Dan B Kate S Kate S [2] Kate S [3] Paul C Todd K Michelle M Mike R Pamela F Emel C Quinn B Sierra S Jack g Maggie F Marybeth C Bob R bob e Rob A brad e Denny Lin B Joanne Z John H John H [2] John H [3] Kenny S Matt D Beth A Rick C

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A grey jacket was left at the Barre courts today, Sunday. If it's yours let me know and I'll try to get it back to you.


Marlene, the jacket belongs to Armando.

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Game Sun, Aug 11 at 08:30 AM 12 5
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Game Tue, Aug 13 at 05:30 PM 12 7
Game Thu, Aug 15 at 05:30 PM 11 4
Game Sun, Aug 18 at 08:30 AM 13 2

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