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Barre Town Rec Area - Adjacent Barre Town School, 70 Websterville Road [map]

Focus: maximum fun while playing with similar level folks. Limit 24 people, 6 courts. 100% attendance at each session not necessary, but 100% commitment & promptness to the session you sign up for is vital to ladder play success, it takes 4 to play! Format: Organizer Beth Ann will assign you to a court. You will begin Round Robin #1 promptly at 530pm. You will play 3 games, changing partners each game. Scores are recorded. First to 11 wins. Two highest cumulative scoring players move up a court. Two lowest cumulative scoring players move down a court. Ties decided by win/loss or coin toss. 630-645 pm break. Organizer reassigns players to new court based on Round 1 results for Round 2 play. 645-745pm Round Robin #2 begins. You will play 3 games, changing partners each game. Organizer will tally your cumulative score & assign you a percentage based on total points you could have earned. This becomes your basis for the court you begin on the next session you attend. Good sportsmanship & etiquette are expected including: Refraining from verbal outbursts or acts which are profane, not belittling or harassing teammate or opponent or creating turmoil or dissension among players; making fair line calls & respecting calls made by others. You are expected to consider the ball to be "in" if uncertain of the line call. And finally, we expect players to respect Barre Town property. No damage. No littering. Let's play! 

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Tim B Denise Armando C Donna R Robin G [2] Simone W Bob E Anne C Scott A Kenny S Paula C Jack g Tim M Doug A Russell Cilla Greg C Rich D Dan G Perry H BethAnn Andrew K Thumper David R
Tyler S Mike P Drex G Donna M
Doug F Marlene P Tino Rachel P Raj Shawn D Jacinthe P David B Janey M Steve H Bob nancy Benjamin B Jenny Sandy Q Pat M Lori L Bryan W Joanne A Ellen D Elaine A Rebecca M William A Cynthia M Lois A Martine Denis G Paul H John L Susan R Ira W Norbert F Sandy Bob G Edna M Linda C RoseMary M Patrick H Frank O Diana B John c Cynthia S Helen Carolyn K terry h Lorie W Theresa R Patrick G Michelle G Keith B Jim T Bill K Ron S Geordie H Donna H Chris M KarenR Dani K Charlene R michael o Kathy G Dan B Kate S Paul C Michelle M Mike R Pamela F Emel C Quinn B Sierra S Maggie F Marybeth C Bob R brad e Denny Lin B Joanne Z John H Matt D Beth A Rick C Linda R [2] Ada B Cate w Alan R Beth D Dave D Bill P Vicky M Eddie R Therese A Marcia D Gary R Joanne H Rolf jaime Clark D Fran L Sara T Margaret L Nick P Linda L Dede M Sheila T Sheila B Matt A Vini S Pam P Priscilla W Dorothy K Kathryn E andrew n kim a Mary C Sarah M Kathy C Maryse L carol h Judy W Max W Max W [2] Libby M Pam Susan A Bob R [2] Craig S Gail L Sandy [2] Tim Z Berkeley B Sylvia f Lin B [2] Patty M Claire S Spooky Angela M Elisha C Bill L Dave M Jo R Amy Keri Roger L John D Phil K Nancy T Dana L Kathy M Eric Ilya S Nancy N Katelyn M Lee R Arlene S Carlos N KATHY Y KATHY Y [2] Mark Charles E Janice B Linda L [2] Scott L Jeanne E Lydia E

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