Looking for a tournament partner for the mixed doubles on Sunday at GMCF.


I can join you for mixed on Sunday.


That would be great! I will go sign myself up on the GMCF site. I will see you tomorrow.


Indoor Season at GMCF


Hello Central Vermont Players!

We are excited to roll out the 2021/2022 indoor season at GMCF. We have a draft schedule for you to look at which will kick in starting Monday, October 4th. We are accepting input on this schedule for 2 days, after which we will consider any ideas that have significant momentum behind them. Any feedback can be emailed directly to me (nick(miuku)gmcf(piste)life) and please note that there are a LOT of considerations that go into this schedule so we will do our best to accommodate input, but no guarantees!

Please visit this link to view the schedule:

There is also membership and drop-in rate information as well as descriptions of the League Play and Skills & Drills sessions at our Pickleball page here:

Looking forward to seeing you all indoors soon!